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Our Intervention Program and Response to Intervention Model identify skill gaps in Reading, which we use to develop an Individual Student Plan (ISP) for each student. 

Grades 1-8. Standards based instruction in reading for grades 1-8 leads to mastery and higher scores in reading skills. Skills include phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, literary texts, informational texts, figurative language, metaphors, similes, mood, tone, drama, prefixes, suffixes, main idea and theme, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Standards based instruction provides transition practice to the new Common Core Standards adopted by Georgia. 

Grade 9. Standards based instruction in Literature and Composition for grade 9 gives students a solid foundation for passing the EOCT. Skills include prefixes, suffixes, roots, plots, setting, mood, theme, main idea, poetry, drama and figurative language. 

Grade 10. Standards based instruction in American Literature and Composition for grade 10 ensures students’ success on the EOCT. Skills covered include characteristics of non-fiction, comedy and tragedy, and literary periods.